This project was 3 years in the making! Special thanks to Capt Hank Garvin for believing in us and working with us. Also Billy Vogel, Rocky Daimandopol and Capt Joe Carleton who worked really hard to help dislodge the anchor from the wreck as well as to the many others who supported us to accomplish the expedition :-)


Captains Steve and Maureen Langevin from Laurence Harbor, NJ recovered an anchor 16 miles off of Belmar, NJ from the shipwreck Stolt Dagali that collided with the S. S. Shalom in dense fog on Thanksgiving day 1964. The Stolt was sheared in half and the stern section sank in 120 feet of water.


The auxillary stern anchor recovered by the Langevins is being donated to the Museum of NJ Maritime History in Beach Haven, NJ (LBI), curators Deb Whitcraft and Jim Vogel. The anchor currently sits at APs Marina in Belmar awaiting transport by Lockwood Boatworks. We believe the anchor weighs at least 5000 lbs and is 8 feet in length and 4 feet across the flukes. Capt Steve discovered the anchor 3 years ago. Capt Maureen working with her Husband Steve decided to put an expedition together under their new company "Dive Voyager Expeditions". We worked with Captain Hank Garvin of the Research vessel Garloo and crew Billy Vogel, Capt Joe Carleton and Rocky Daimandopol to dislodge the encrusted anchor with two two-thousand pound SubSalve lift bags. We thought it wasn't going to budge, but to our surprise we found it laying in the sand next to the wreck on our last dive of the day last Sunday on our trip on June 7th aboard the RV Garloo.  On Sunday June 14th Capts Steve and Maureen chartered a scallop boat "Kim Ann" out of Belmar. Capt Mark Vitolo winched up the 5000+ pounds anchor onto the deck after Maureen assisted Steve in attaching the steel cable to the anchor in 120 feet of water requiring them to do decompression dives and Steve to breathe oxygen to wash out excess nitrogen from working at depth to prevent the bends.


A little twist to this story is worth noting....Dive Voyager Expeditions, LLC was formed on Valentine's day, February 14th 2009.  Maureen & Steve celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary on Friday, June 12th which was the original day of the expedition but due to weather conditions was rescheduled to Sunday June 14th.  Capt Maureen said all she wanted for their anniversary was flowers...and the anchor :-)